Orchid variety - Saarland area

Last weekend I had a chance to capture different orchids inside the nature reserve „Wolferskopf“.
Uta, a friend and homeopathic colleague, grew up in the area. She was guiding me through the meadows which were full of orchids at this time of the year.
Almost half of all types of orchids that occur in Germany can be found on the vast limestone semi-dry grasslands.

We were even lucky with the weather, as there was a lot of thunder and rain in the air.

Anacamptis pyramidalis Pyramiden-Hundswurz-2

Image above: Anacamptis pyramidalis - Pyramidal Orchid - Pyramiden Hundswurz

Orchis purpurea Purpur-Knabenkraut-3

Orchis purpurea Purpur-Knabenkraut-5

Images above: Orchis purpurea - Lady orchid - Purpur-Knabenkraut

Cephalanthera damasonium Weißes Waldvöglein

Image above: Cephalanthera damasonium - White Helleborine - Weißes Waldvöglein

More orchids from different areas you can find in my orchid collection:
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