January 2018

Barringtonia racemosa - Powder puff tree

Just returned from another inspiring trip to South Africa. The images below show different perspectives of a tree called "Barringtonia racemosa" from the family Lecythidaceae. It was fascinating to see its beautiful flowers inside a mangrove forest along the South Coast (KwaZulu Natal, South Africa). Some of them fell into the water and from further away, they looked like floating stars…

Barringtonia racemosa is found in coastal swamp forests and on the edges of estuaries in the Indian Ocean, starting at the east coast of Mozambique and KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) to Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, southern China, northern Australia, coastal Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands and many Polynesian islands.

The Powder-puff tree is a protected tree in South Africa.

Dicotyledones, Dilleniidae, Lecythidaceae

Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-2Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-3Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-4Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-5Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-6Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-7Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-8Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree-9Barringtonia racemosa Powder puff tree
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