Last blossoming plants - Goldenrod, Berberis, Dahlia, Aster...

Colorful farewell

Autumn has arrived in Bonn and along with it an amazing coloring of the leaves. I could find some last flowering plants in my favorite Botanical Gardens. Two of the plants are well known for their healing qualities on the urinary system: Berbers vulgaris (image 1) and Solidago nemoralis (image 2).

Berberis nitens Mahonia nitens

Berberis nitens, Synonym Berberis vulgaris, European barberry, Berberidaceae)

Solidago nemorialis Gray or Old-field Goldenrod

Solidago nemoralis, Gray or Old-field Goldenrod, Asteraceae

Dahlia Hybride cv. Bonner Universita╠łt

Dahlia Hybride cv. Bonner Universität, Asteraceae
Aster novae-angliae Rauhblattaster

Aster novae-angliae, Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, New England aster or Michaelmas daisy. German: Rauhblattaster, Asteraceae,
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